Drinking Water Systems

POLOPLAST has developed innovative piping systems for water distribution. For many years, customers have relied on this know-how in the plastics branch. PP-R welded systems are the hygienically perfect, corrosion-free and sound-absorbing drinking water installation. The multi-layer technology of POLOPLAST makes it possible to produce high-quality pipes that feature totally distinct properties that are tailor-made to suit the particular field of application. The glass-fibre reinforced five-layer pipes of POLO-ECOSAN ML5, POLO-POLYMUTAN ML5 and POLO-UV ML5 excel in their performance. These pipes have convincing properties, such as increased resistance to pressure, stability and low linear expansion. They can be easily laid and are safe and efficient. For outdoor areas, the POLO-UV system, a certified UV resistant PP-R system, is most suitable.

Advantages of Fibre Pipes

linear expansion is reduced by 75 % compared to other standard-type pipes without glass fibre reinforcement, which is why there is more freedom in taking the expansion compensation into account.

better pressure performance at high temperatures offers a better margin of safety.

allows the pipe clips to be installed at greater distances and thus reduces the required quantities.

thanks to smaller pipe wall thickness.

The Solution for Outdoor Installations

The POLO-UV system is made from the tried and tested POLO-UV ML5 composite fibre pipe and a series of moulded parts and fittings produced from high-quality PP-R. It has been developed particularly for outdoor installations, where the pipes are subject to UV radiation. Thus, the POLO-UV system is perfectly suitable for the outdoor installation of drinking water or irrigation systems.

Highly Comfortable Living Conditions

... require a multitude of pipe systems for various purposes all over the house. The maximum reliability of POLOPLAST'S pipe systems convinces, from the cellar to the roof. Has convinced for decades. And will continue to convince in the decades to come.