In line centrifugal fan

High performance centrifugal pressure in line duct fans, available in 10 duct sizes.
Easy and unobtrusive solution for a centralised / multipoint ventilation need: one unit to exhaust from different rooms. Can be used with flexible and rigid ducting. Available in technopolymer (AXC TP).

Motor Specification:
•Heavy-gauge, spun steel housing with baked epoxy finish inside and outside.
•External junction box contains connections.
•Backward curved blades to ensure the lowest possible sound and to develop ample static pressure.
•Durable external rotor motor provided with non-self-resetting thermal cut-out.
•Ball bearing motor, permanently lubricated for maintenance-free operation and continuous running.
•Fan and motor assembly balanced for quiet and vibration-free operation.
•Variable speed controllable.
•Fans comply with EN 60335-2-80, EC Low Voltage Directive 73/23 - 93/68 and EC Directive

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