Roof radial extract fan for chimneys

Roof radial extract fan to draw out smoke from domestic fireplace. Can be used as a normal extract fan when the fireplace is not lit. Maximum air temperature: 200°C in continuous service. Made in steel.
Available in copper, alluminium and inox
Tirafumo discreet design makes it perfectly suitable for residential areas.

Designed for an easy installation:
- supplied already plug-in: it is only necessary to connect the main supply cable to the external junction box.
- the junction box is provided with a service switch to disconnect the fan in case of maintenance and to avoid coming down from the roof.
- provided with eyebolts for an easier lift (can be raised on the roof with a crane).
The eyebolts are removable: once the fan is installed they can be replaced by the supplied screws.

• Made in steel with baked epoxy finish (all screws are in INOX steel)
• Protection grille anti-bird rings
• Self-cleaning backward curved blade impeller
• Self-ventilated asynchronous ball-bearing motor
• Counter-base to be walled up
• 230V 50Hz supply only
• Complies with CEI EN 60335-2-80

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